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Navigating for Professional Success™

Key Leadership has worked with professionals all over the world to help assess their overall style and strengths and focus on solid career objectives. Navigating for Professional Success covers key topics such as how to network internally, how to present excellence to key people, and how to write a personal development plan.

The Importance of Career Development

For individuals...

  • Gain clarity about how to leverage strengths to develop a successful career  
  • Identify potential career options appropriate to skills, interests, values, and preferred working conditions
  • Develop and activate a realistic plan for the future
  • Understand how to market internally without crossing inappropriate boundaries
  • Develop your vision of the ideal job grounded in reality

For organizations…

  • Address the need for valued talent to plan for development
  • Learn sound methods for accessing organizational influencers
  • Channel frustration of high energy talent into action planning and accountability

5 Keys to Success

  • Being Real: Discussing ambitions and intentions with authenticity and ease
  • Getting real: Instruments and assessments that support personal branding and success
  • Staying Real: Balancing commitment and flexibility
  • Counseling and skills development: the why’s and how’s
  • Taking action – Starting simply and moving toward mastery

Our creative approach adds insight and value. For more, see our Mind Map for the Transformative Career Coaching Journey.

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