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The power of emotion

What kinds of leaders contribute to the success of organizations?

Despite extraordinary technological advances, engaging the heart and soul of employees is a continuing challenge. Yet within your workforce lies the greatest catalyst for organizational growth and competitive advantage.

Emotional Intelligence Essentials™ focuses on energizing and applying the power of emotion as a source of organizational vitality and strength. Repeated studies have clarified the business value of emotional intelligence* making EQ Essentials a primary way to build the capability necessary for continued survival. Trust and pride---two keystones for the best organizations--depend upon being able to develop a climate where knowledge and resources are shared without hesitation, where teams and individuals focus on what really matters, and where building bridges is part of what is expected.

EQ Essentials is a simple but powerful approach that was founded on 3 fundamental capabilities:

  1. Emotional Management
  2. Ability to Communicate
  3. Authentic Connections

The power to connect and engage begins with EQ Essentials.

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