Services: Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Meaningful change for a competitive edge

The ability to lead with integrity, power and compassion makes you a critical asset to any organization. Key Leadership Initiatives helps increase your value by providing you with high quality personalized coaching geared to executives and managers.

Key Leadership has a unique approach to coaching that is both disciplined and creative. Our programs are designed to accelerate growth in key leaders, using individual development strategies based on a solid 5-phase process.  We employ special assessment technology to target ongoing learning opportunities, even after the coaching process concludes.

Our Approach

  • 5 definitive phases designed to accelerate success and transformational change
  • Feedback that reflects organizational honesty
  • Learning targets, such as Importance of Commitment and Power of Dialogue Skills, that enhance continuous and sustained learning
  • A Five Phase Model

Learning Targets

  • Importance of Commitment
  • Feedback as a Survival Strategy
  • Power of Dialogue Skills
  • Conversing with Ease about Ambitions and Intentions

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