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Collaborative Leadership in Action:
A Field Guide for Creating Meetings that Make a Difference

If you've ever led meetings that turned out to be a wasteful drain on everyone's time and energy, then this book is for you. Collaborative Leadership in Action provides leaders, consultants, trainers, HR personnel, and others with a step-by-step approach to generating passion, participation, and results in meetings.

Learn a different kind of leadership
While collaboration is vital in today's complex world, it requires a different kind of leadership. In this book, you'll explore what the authors identify as the five fundamentals of collaborative leadership and how to apply them for meetings.

Run meetings that get results
The heart of the book is a collection of collaborative meeting designs to help you work through how to conduct meetings to achieve your desired outcome. Each collaborative meeting design is graphically illustrated and includes level of difficulty, time required, materials and space needs, number of participants, and specific facilitation instructions.

You'll also learn the factors that come into play when designing interactive and collaborative meetings, including how to clarify your purpose, identify stakeholders whose participation is essential, organize meetings so they achieve your goal, manage logistics, from meeting space to set-up, and more.

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Collaborative Leadership in Action-Buy it on AMAZON now!


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