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Paulette Gabriel has years of experience addressing groups on topics including leadership, personal mastery, negotiating, career development, retention and self marketing. Paulette has built a reputation as a dynamic speaker who applies research and practical experience to inspire and motivate individuals and groups.

Paulette is careful to engage the audience in ways that have meaning—to them.  Her stories will help open the door to greater understanding and development for your team, your organization, and you.

Keynote Speech Topics

The Power of One
Does transforming an organization also require personal transformation?

Targeting Excellence - What separates good from great?
We can all achieve greatness. What does it take?

Becoming 360 Degree Intelligent: Emotional Intelligence Essentials.
Emotional intelligence is the single greatest factor contributing to leadership success. Learn how to develop the emotional intelligence that can help you be more effective.

Trust---is there anything you can really do about it?
Trust is the secret ingredient in highly productive organizations. Tips on what leaders can do to build trust in their organizations.

Positive Power of Influence
How can you build influence and use it appropriately? We’ll cover the use of the Key Leadership Influence Roadmap---a tool to determine when—and how—to influence.

Broadening you Sphere of Influence: Authentic Networking
With a focus on a “no failure” approach to networking, Key Leadership can help you to transfer this skill into real power and productivity.

Negotiating Strategies for Women
Women and men negotiate differently. What differentiates them, and how can women become more effective negotiators?

Career Intelligence: Navigating for Professional Success
How can you enhance your career options internally without appearing overly ambitious?

How Can We Learn to Talk to Each Other?
The power of open discussion and conversation is untapped potential within many organizations. What are the conversations that will make a difference?

M & A: Success Can Depend on the People Side
Uncover the hidden assets and issues of mergers and acquisitions. How Human Resources can make a difference when it comes to creating expected synergies or costly mistakes.

Developing a Strategic Mindset -Transforming Support Functions into Business Partners
How to become an invaluable strategic partner in your overall business.

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