Services: Strategic Alignment

Developing competitive strength and excellence in execution

Changes such as integration, mergers, and acquisitions are commonplace in today’s business world. Yet in the midst of change, too many companies don’t consider overall strategy, and individual performance suffers. Our approach to strategic alignment focuses on getting you, your team and your organization on the same page and performing with peak results.

Sustain your competitive advantage

Key Leadership positions leaders in your organization to engage employees and keep an energized focus on the end goal. Our process helps your organization sustain its competitive advantage, even in tough competitive markets.

A Key Leadership Success Story:

I engaged Paulette to work my senior management team on some issues of teamwork and communication that were hindering our effectiveness. While operationally excellent, the team struggled with setting a strategic agenda and providing clear, cohesive leadership to the division.

What I valued most about Paulette's contribution towards the resolution of my business problem:

Paulette was expert at identifying development objectives for me as the leader, for other members of the team, and for the team as a whole. She used a variety of techniques ranging from personal 1:1 interviews, assessment instruments, and team activities. Her perceptions were extraordinarily intuitive and accurate. Her toolkit seems to be bottomless.

Paulette was uncompromising in her push to turn aspirations into action plans to enable us to achieve the desired change. This is often not the case in an engagement of this type, where it is easy to spot the problem and walk away without providing the tools to solve the problem.

Paulette demonstrated a sincere interest in team members as people which went a long way towards building an atmosphere of trust. She has superior interpersonal skills and very strong facilitation skills. This enables her to adapt her approach to fit the situation, and also to know when to push and how hard towards the desired change - often a delicate balance.

-Vice President
Pharmaceutical Company

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