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In today’s world, leadership effectiveness is related to working collaboratively. Just how do you advance on developing a support network in ways that incorporate the best of what you and others have to offer?Collaborative learning has real power and meaning, and it makes a difference in how fast we can advance our skills, perspectives, and how we do things. Recent studies show that about 10% of what we read and 15% of what we hear is all that sticks. 75% of the rest of our learning comes from what we ourselves experience. This translates to the power of learning collaboratively as a very strong experience anchor that supports leaders when they are faced with every day dilemmas that echo learning challenges they have faced.  They can more easily put into practice what they’ve experienced in service to the greater good. Dr. Jon Warner expands upon this and offers a fresh take on what it takes to be an effective leader in Leadership Exercises. 

So if learning to lead as a collaborative practice is increasingly acknowledged as a resource with amazing potential, then it is pretty simple – when you approach leadership learning this way, the learning acts as a metaphor for leadership. People with diverse needs and diverse points of view come together and find they share some things but, in many ways, have different lenses that create vastly different world views. Just like in the workplace, with learning and leading, the intent should be to focus on a few fundamental principles, yet allow the learner to come to their own relevant conclusions about their work.

Want to know the number one reason leadership development fails? “Training” leaders. According to Mike Wyatt in The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails, “Training is something leaders dread and will try and avoid, whereas they will embrace and look forward to development. Development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable.”

That’s why we do everything we can to amplify the learning experience. We enable the learning to come from the collaborative experience and the relationships, as well as the content, of course. Key Leadership is focused on leveraging pivot points that enhance leadership success, and we’re ahead of the crowd in enabling leaders to develop and capitalize on learning networks.

Why?  Lee Ann Del Carpio, an esteemed colleague and first rate consultant, first conceptualized a way to think of execution and engagement in combination as a key to effectiveness in leaders.  Key Leadership’s research and approach take it one step further.  We believe that learning collaboratively and strengthening ties among colleagues creates a winning equation:

education x experience x execution x engagement = capacity to the 4th power 

When leaders receive the best in leadership development, practical tools to help them execute more effectively, and real connections that support growth and focus, both they and the organization sustain momentum, spirit and growth.

All of our work is founded in this approach to leadership development – making it real, making it relevant and making it fun.  And we created a whole new approach that builds upon Collaborative Leadership in Action, called Leadership Live: what you do every day matters. We’ll be telling you a lot more about this online program. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak.

As part of our overall offerings, it’s a different way to enhance effectiveness, satisfaction, and commitment that doesn’t take a lot of time up front but produces powerful results over time.

Our leadership development approach focuses on cultivating everyday actions that will build up to long-term effectiveness.  Our leaders participate with each other twice a week for about five minutes to coach and develop their own and their colleagues’ skills. All this is done in a private online forum that enables active, supportive conversations to continue.

Every day, in addition to those things that people post and ask for help with, leaders answer questions like:

How would you rate your leadership activity today from 1-7 (1 being not good at all and 7 is very effective) and why?

  • What is the one thing today you wish you could have done better?
  • How could you delegate something you did yourself?
  • What will you do tomorrow that will advance on your leadership development?
  •  What will you do tomorrow that will advance the organization’s goals?

These questions, the reflection on them, the action taken, as well as the insight and support gained from the very personal and supportive online community of colleagues, enhance the investment everyone makes in development.

It’s the way to go when time is tight and leaders still want to be better.

We provide coaching, too, so everyone can raise their game a little bit at a time, knowing that the learning from the development session provides context for the right thing to do, and expert coaching makes people remember and act.

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