9 Rules for a Happy Workforce

Happiness at work has a huge impact on productivity, creativity, and loyalty. It seems like a no brainer that people aren’t going to be on top of their game if they’re stressed. Yet many work environments put a lot of demands on employees without putting a lot of effort into figuring out how they can effectively meet these demands. As I’ve mentioned before in what do employees really want, it’s not as hard as you might think. Continue reading

What do employees really want?










It’s not that complicated, really. I am currently working on a wonderful project with one of my clients that has elicited some practical, practicable feedback I think resonates for every company and leader. So I thought I would share some of the key themes we uncovered with you, as I think you can benefit from them, too. The value of this won’t show up on a balance sheet. But it is very effective preventive medicine that can address situations before they get to a crisis stage and become more costly to fix. Continue reading

When “Doing it the Disney Way” May Really Just Be a Simple Thing









A client of mine is interested in how to create a climate for great work. This endeavor makes a whole lot of sense to me, because why would you want to have it any other way? Ideally, we strive for a time in our lives where the stars align and we are able to put our hearts and minds toward something that really matters. That may not be as hard as you think. Continue reading